Inspiring Confidence

 The Academy is run by industry and education professionals with wide-ranging experience in schools, stage, screen and the recording industry.


Our staff possess the experience, knowledge and understanding required to teach practical theatre skills and inspire young people.     MTA provide disciplined and high-quality training in the three main elements of performance - Drama, Dance and Voice - with a programme developed specifically for children aged 7 to 16 years.


Our popular MTA Theatre Company is based at the Birley Centre, Eastbourne College.  Saturday morning sessions run during term time.

 MTA For Schools

In addition to these three elements pupils will be encouraged to focus on personal presentation, self-discipline and team building.


The performing arts offer enormous benefits to a child's development, encouraging and supporting pupils to develop their individual talents, grow in confidence and self-reliance whilst appreciating the value of teamwork in a structured and friendly environment.


KS2, 3 and 4, GCSE and A level workshops.

MTA are supported by expert consultants experienced in curricular delivery of Drama, Theatre Studies and Dance at all levels.  Workshops can be offered in the development of expression, presentation, performance as well as specific devising techniques, acting skills and written paper preparation.





 Workshops are tailored to the age-range of each group within your school.  Pupils will learn through dramatic performance, the themes, ideas and issues that Shakespeare deals with.  The Workshops explore the iambic pentameter, verse, blank verse, prose and the soliloquy and enable pupils to understand which characters speak in which format and why.


They will experience the atmosphere and emotion as the plots develop whilst learning to understand the characters and their relationships.  Pupils will be able to re-direct the actors to explore different interpretations of the text.


Children are encouraged and supported whilst performing in an interactive, fun session with the chance to be a time-travelling roving reporter, interviewing characters at the scene and comparing and contrasting the social customs and attitudes of the era compared to today.


Our aim with every workshop delivery is to develop understanding through the medium of performing arts.  For every child to grow in confidence and self-reliance whilst appreciating the value of teamwork in a structured and friendly environment.

School Years 7, 8 & 9 / Ages 11 to 14 / KS3

Single Workshop

One 90 minute workshop (am or pm)

2 MTA Facilitators

Up to 100 Pupils

Full Day Visit

Two 90 minute workshop (am & pm)

2 MTA Facilitators

Up to 200 Pupils (100 per session)

School Years 10 & 11 / Ages 14 to 16 / KS4

Single Workshop

One 90 minute workshop (am or pm)

2 MTA Facilitators

Up to 100 Pupils

Full Day Visit

Two 90 minute workshop (am & pm)

2 MTA Facilitators

Up to 200 Pupils (100 per session)

Exciting drama



Pupils learn the discipline and control required as well as the physical and acting skills and techniques to make conflict not just believable but also safe on stage or on screen.  MTA hosts workshops with experienced movie actor Daniel Fathers (Disney's Camp Rock, Mamma Mia!, The Transporter, Reign, Dark Matter, Orphan Black & others)


Classic stories of the theatre are rehearsed and presented in shortened versions of West End hits.  Previous productions include The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Wizard of Oz and Mamma Mia.  Each show aims to develop a sense of ensemble, with the whole cast involved in working as a company towards a performance.


These workshops seek to extend the performer's toolkit with physical exercises and specific mime techniques, developing communication skills through the use of bodily movement, gesture and presence. Aimed to heighten not just individual abilities but also sharpen the awareness and interpretation of the body language of others.


Stanislavski developed a system to achieve truth in performance that has provided the backbone of training for generations of actors.  MTA Workshops focus on achieving believable characterisation through such techniques as researching 'given circumstances', applying 'imagination' and accessing 'emotion memory' in order to create an effective interpretation of role.

 My Theatre Academy was created with the purpose of providing training and experience for young actors.  Extension activity includes fun, active and engaging workshops delivered by working professionals in a variety of theatrical and academic disciplines nurturing and stretching gifted and talented pupils. 


Performing Arts


 MTA vocal classes are designed to give students skills and techniques to deliver convincing and energised vocal performances.  Musical theatre demands a variety of vocal styles but good technique should underpin all of these.


Students will learn about resonance, projection, breath control, and placement of the voice.  MTA can tailor these classes for the group or can work with an existing cast to greatly enhance vocal preparation for a forthcoming production. 


Musical Theatre

 Our Musical Theatre 4-Day Workshops are designed to inspire your pupils and give them the opportunity to learn to combine acting, singing and dancing skills through musical theatre, tailored to your specific needs.


Over the 4 days pupils will experience the energy, dynamism and creative expression at the heart of Musical Theatre. The workshop culminates in a performance on the final day. 

Mamma Mia!

The Wicked Wiz Of Oz




Acting Masterclasses

 The class is designed to enable pupils to discover and explore how professional actors go about creating a role for performance.


Through exercises, fun improvisations and script analysis, students work on voice, physicality and character development to realise their own acting potential.


Interview Preparation

 Preparation and training is offered for those entering competitions or applying for scholarships.  Meticulous preparation is vital for success and MTA have now acquired extensive experience achieving scholarship for pupils at leading independent schools.


Tutoring is also available for University and job interviews as well as specific preparation for presentations and public speaking.


A diverse and targeted range of workshops to complement your Drama curriculum delivery for KS2, KS3, KS4 & GCSE