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Positive Movement Connections

Group dance sessions for men and women with the goal of improving the symptoms of Parkinson's through focused movement and music

Dance and music have the ability to improve mobility and lift the spirit. Dancing to music, when shared with others, is a joyful experience with beneficial effects.


Dance can be a social activity too, it enables you to meet people and connect with others that have Parkinson’s.  Being part of a dance group has been shown to have many benefits. Not only is this good exercise but it has been shown to increase the gait of Parkinson’s patients and increase the fluidity of movement. 


The sessions are under the skilled tutorage of Kirsty Hamilton-Reid (ISTD, Dip Dance). Kirsty trained at The London College of Dance and currently teaches GCSE Dance at Eastbourne College.

We see people walking in to a dance class with Parkinson's and when they leave it is as though they feel lighter than air



Rebecca Trevitt
English National Ballet

Nicole Young, MD at My Theatre Academy, teaches voice and vocals at MTA, therefore breathing techniques and voice control are also taught as part of each session.
“My father has Parkinson's and so this is an initiative that is very close to my heart”, says Nicole.  MTA 
have the ability to create a positive, joyful class that has many benefits for all involved.

The auditorium at the Birley Centre, Eastbourne College is purpose built for dance and performance and is a truly inspirational and accessible facility for all.

Whay not give it a try?  Register below


Saturday Afternoons

12:20pm - 1:00pm



Only £5 per participant, per session, payable on arrival.
The first session is FREE!

The Birley Centre
Carlisle Road
BN21 4JY

(Opposite Towner & Congress Theatre)

It's improved my gait, my balance... I feel euphoric after the dance session

Ron McGregor

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